I affectionately welcome everyone to Govt. Degree College Kupwara, situated at Bohipora in lush green forest mountains, walnut trees,Khemil stream and paddy fields. Our college is a co-educational institution, founded in 1988, offers UG courses in Science, Commence, Arts and Computer Applications and is affiliatedto Kashmir University. We believe, every student has a wish to achieve happiness as well as success in life. However, it is often found that students sacrifice their health and happiness in pursuit of their success. Hence, their life become miserable even though they are quite successful in the eyes of the world. It is observed that some students who prioritize happiness over success; they follow their passion and don’t care for the worldly success. However, they often get frustrated when their passion diminishes and they discover that other students lead a better life. The factual wisdom of life is in balancing success and happiness, the two most important motivational parameters in the life of any human being. Though, it is impossible to present a complete solution for success and happiness, the academic administration as well as the teaching faculty of our collegehas responsibilityin nurturing natural strengths of students. We believe that the teaching situation depends upon the attitude of the administration, hardware/software/ laboratory facilities, playground/ auditorium/gym/common-room/canteen/parks/indoor-games/library/reading rooms/ICT facility/workshop centre/lavatory and the overall college environment A combination of these parameters would help a student in sustaining excellence in career and future life with an ultimate goal of success and happiness. Apart from our focus on providing quality education at the undergraduate level, stand for inclusive growth and believe in providing ample opportunities to our students to assist them in discovering their potential appropriately. As a value-based institution we are dedicated towards inculcating, in all our students, a desire to evolve into responsible social beings. I extend my best wishes to all the new students joining us this academic session. I am confident that our students will wisely make use of every opportunity available to them.

Stay Blessed